Walmart’s online shopping store is still open after a fire threatens its life-support system

The Walt Disney Co. is continuing to operate its online shopping site at the same address and website as it did before a fire destroyed the facility in December 2015.The Walt Disney Company, the world’s largest company by sales, operates more than 1,500 stores and online shopping centers across the United States.The company said in […] →Read more

Hacker News: PLC is planning to expand in Europe

Hacker News is reporting that the German-based company PC-Pro is looking to expand into Europe.According to the article, PC-pro is currently looking to invest up to $1.3 million in Europe, including up to 20 employees.According the article PC-PRO was founded in 2015.The article also says that PC-s has a partnership with a number of top […] →Read more

Which is the best way to get a tattoo?

The tattoo machine shop has a reputation for making the most expensive and complicated tattoos in the world.And for many of its customers, it’s a way of expressing their individuality.However, a survey by the BBC shows that while there are many tattoo parlours offering high-quality tattoos, there are a number of different ways to get […] →Read more

‘The best thing about being a transgender person’: A transgender shop owner

The best thing you can do for someone who is transitioning is to support them and give them the support they need to get where they want to go, says Sarah Lee, a transgender shop assistant who runs Transmission Books and Books of the Transparent.Lee, 26, was born a male but identifies as female.Transition Books […] →Read more

How to make potbelly sandwiches without making it in the pot

I had a potbaddy sandwich.It’s been on my mind since I first learned about it a few years ago.It was made with bacon and potatoes, with a layer of cheese on top and then topped with melted brie.My sandwich was good, but I’m not a fan of the bacon and potato combination.I’m a big fan […] →Read more