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  • Nordstrom has closed its online shop for the first time in three years

    Nordstrom, the world’s largest department store chain, has closed online stores for the last three years, in a move that analysts believe is a result of a changing business climate.The chain, which has operated in the US for decades, said Tuesday that it would start its own online store for its online store at the […]

  • When you need to be skateboarding with your family and friends, this shop has it covered

    Shop for skateboards and other accessories at the skate shop owned by mom-and-pop mom-turned-businesswoman, Kim Smith.She says it’s all about helping the kids, because the skateboard community has been doing so well.“We are really proud of what we are doing, and that’s the kids and families out there,” she says.Smith started out as a hobby […]

  • Which is the Best Car Store? (and what to buy)

    When it comes to buying cars online, it can be hard to get a clear picture.It’s not always clear if the car is a good deal, or if you’re being charged for a better deal.The best way to get your fix is to use the car shopping app Tile, which lets you search and shop […]

  • How to get rid of your bad haircut

    You’ve just been hit with a rude haircut, and you’ve been waiting to get it done until you have it done right.But you want to do it in style and save money on your hair and the price tag of your salon visit?Well, if you’ve found this article on the internet, you’ve probably come across […]

  • Hacker News: PLC is planning to expand in Europe

    Hacker News is reporting that the German-based company PC-Pro is looking to expand into Europe.According to the article, PC-pro is currently looking to invest up to $1.3 million in Europe, including up to 20 employees.According the article PC-PRO was founded in 2015.The article also says that PC-s has a partnership with a number of top […]

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