Why Walmart is still selling guns at its online store

Walmart is still shipping guns to customers in some of its online stores, despite a recent court ruling that prohibited it from doing so.

The retailer has been the subject of multiple lawsuits over the practice.

The latest lawsuit was filed in federal court in Dallas on Thursday.

The suit seeks to enjoin Walmart from selling guns to its online customers, which includes the retailer’s own employees, employees of the company’s independent contractors, and anyone who has contracted with Walmart to do so.

WalMart is a popular source of sales for online retailers like Amazon and eBay.

It sells weapons for nearly all the states that have such laws, and it also carries out sales in more than a dozen other states.

In Texas, the lawsuit says Walmart should not be able to sell guns to any of those customers.

In court papers, the suit alleges that Walmart’s sales of firearms to its employees are illegal, since the company doesn’t keep track of how many firearms it’s actually selling.

Walmart denies that it’s illegally selling guns, saying that it only sells firearms to people who are eligible to buy them.

It also says that it can sell to people if they’ve signed up for a gun safety course or if they have a valid permit.

In addition to selling guns directly to customers, Walmart is also the sole supplier of ammunition for all the state’s military forces, including the National Guard.