What you need to know about Amazon’s cigar-selling website

Amazon is expanding its online cigar shop to include online cigar sales, allowing customers to buy cigars online without having to wait for their local brick-and-mortar cigar shops.

Amazon said in a blog post Monday that it has been adding online sales to its cigar shopping platform for about three years.

The announcement follows similar moves by other major retailers such as Wal-Mart and Target.

The new site will enable shoppers to order a variety of cigar-shaped products such as samplers, humidors and teas, among other things.

“We’ve heard you loud and clear: Online cigar sales are essential for cigar-lovers,” wrote Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

“You know what makes cigars great?

A robust, robust culture.”

Amazon said that it is the first company to make online cigar purchases available to customers without waiting for a physical store to receive them.

For many years, customers were able to purchase cigars in brick- and-mortars using an online ordering system.

But those systems could be slow or unreliable, and they often didn’t have a way to monitor inventory.

Amazon has recently begun rolling out a more secure online ordering platform that allows customers to pay by credit card, online, or by mail.

While the company hasn’t detailed exactly how its new online cigar buying platform will work, Bezos said that customers will be able to select and buy any cigar-shape product on Amazon, regardless of where it is sold.

Amazon is now the first retailer to offer online cigar ordering.

The move is part of an overall push by Amazon to expand its online retail business, which has grown to include physical stores and brick-up stores.

Last year, Amazon said it would launch two new brick-store locations, one in Las Vegas and one in Portland, Oregon, that will include more than 30,000 square feet of retail space.

Bezos has also said that Amazon’s online retail store will become an Amazon Marketplace in the next few months, and that it will also offer its own online shopping service.