How to get rid of the dirt bike you bought from the shop in the city

Delhi: There’s no denying that the dirt bikes have been in demand in Delhi, but the shops selling them don’t seem to be keeping up.

According to local news reports, shops selling dirt bikes in the capital are selling them out in the first week of December, leaving many with no option but to seek other sources of income.

The city is a prime tourist destination for both locals and foreigners, with the roads filled with bikers.

In the past, such shops have been a source of amusement, but this time the situation is not much better.

Since the bike shops are now selling out of the bikes, many are having to go out and buy new ones, which is a costly affair.

A shopkeeper told NDTV that the shop has been running out of bikes for the last two weeks.

“The number of people buying them has gone down drastically,” he said.

He said that it is not just the shops that are struggling to keep up with the demand, but also the government itself.

With so many bikes lying around, he said, “It is almost impossible to find new ones.”

A source of income for the shops is that people are going out to buy new bikes from the bike shopkeepers.

They will then sell them to other shopkeepers, who will take them back to their homes, the shopkeeper said.