What’s next for the sex shop?

Next Big Futures, the sex business incubator that aims to develop sustainable businesses and services for the future, announced plans for an expansion into a new area in London’s West End.

Next Big plans to launch the project in a strip mall in Westfield in May next year.

The idea behind Next Big, which will initially focus on providing online sex education, is that this will give the community in the West End a better understanding of what the sex industry is like, said Next Big’s CEO, Daniel Kowalczyk.

“We’re looking to open up the WestEnd to a wider population that might not be familiar with sex work, or perhaps even the sex work itself, but have a real interest in it,” he said.

“And so, we’ve opened up this strip mall to provide a space for people to come and meet people, get their hands on stuff, and do a little bit of shopping,” he added.

Mr Kowaltczyk said the project is a “small scale” but significant move.

“It’s not something we’re planning to do all at once.

We’re not going to get big and run,” he explained.”

I think we have to do this with a lot of patience, but I think that we’re going to have a lot to live up to.”

People might not realise that there’s a lot going on in this space, but it’s going to change our lives.

“Next Big Futuries, which has been based in the city since it opened its doors last year, has been funded by a number of foundations including the John Hancock Fund, the John Howard Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the Open University.

Mr Riddell is an entrepreneur and entrepreneur-in-residence at Next Big.

He said he was excited to be able to open Next Big to the Westend and expand it further into the area.”

My vision for Next Big is to make this a destination that everyone can go to and find something to do,” he told Next Big News.”

That’s what we want for Next Brains.

“Next Brains is a sex education and education consultancy based in Melbourne.

It provides education and counselling services for those aged 16-24 and supports them through the decision making process of choosing a sexual partner.