How to use Google’s weed-and-bacon-growing app for marijuana growing

The Google-owned Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Dot 2 are among the devices that can be used to grow marijuana.

In a press release, Google stated that users of the Echo can access the weed-growing software through a browser.

“With an optional browser extension, users can control the software’s parameters, monitor the health of their plant, and monitor the results of their own experiment,” Google wrote.

“Users can also share their results, and we hope they will take advantage of the great user experience they can get by using the app.” 

The Echo can be controlled via Google’s app, but it requires users to install a “marijuana-specific app” on the device.

Google also said that its weed- and bacon-based app will not automatically generate a “badge” for users of its cannabis-friendly devices.

Users will have to “install a weed-specific badge” manually.

For the time being, the Echo, Dot, Echo Dots, and other marijuana-friendly Echo devices can only grow the cannabis they already have.

While the Echo has been widely praised for its voice-activated, voice-controlled devices, the device’s app has also been criticized for not having any control over its marijuana-growing functions.

When I asked the Echo about the Echo’s marijuana-specific apps, a spokesperson told me that they are still “under development.”