When Amazon is ‘in’ your pocket’: Sex toys and online shopping are coming to Fortnite

It’s not every day that you get a chance to play the game you love so much.

But if you’re a fan of competitive online shooter, you might be interested in a toy that can help you out with your daily needs.

Amazon has recently made it easier for gamers to buy virtual items like virtual guns and hats online and is now allowing people to purchase these items in the game for real money.

In a post on the Fortnites website, the company explains that you can buy items like this in Fortnits virtual store:”For the first time ever, Fortnit players can buy virtual goods directly from the game, including virtual guns, hats, and accessories.”

The Fortnited store is currently live on Steam and the FortNites website lists the “Gun N’ Hat Bundle” as being available for $29.99.

This bundle includes the gun, a hat, two hats, a bow, two bows, and a set of two weapons that are “as close to real weapons as you can get.”

For those who don’t want to buy a bundle of guns, they can also purchase an “Armor Bundle” which includes two armor sets and “the latest weapons and gear from the Fortress store.”

As for items that aren’t available in the Forti-tite online store, Amazon has partnered with the gaming company Blizzard to create the Fortifications for Heroes online store.

This store also sells the “Fortifications for Hero” bundle which includes the game’s first three maps, as well as three “Fortified” heroes and five skins.

The Fortifications are sold through a special store called “Fortnite Store” and can be purchased with in-game gold.

But Amazon says it’s only available to FortiTites “soldiers, soldiers, or anyone else with a Fortnition account.”

For now, FortNite players will have to rely on their friends to get in on the fun.

It looks like players are having fun with their Fortniting characters.