Beer shop: The pastries were delicious

Beer shops have become increasingly popular in India as a cheaper alternative to traditional cafes.

But many of the shops that cater to the country’s burgeoning middle class also cater to beer lovers who want to try a new brew.

The shop that opened in this city has been selling pastries for nearly three years.

It opened on November 10 and has been operating at a loss for about two years.

But it is now thriving.

“I have made a lot of friends in the shop.

We have sold beer for a long time.

We used to have to buy our bread from the shopkeeper every month,” said Manjula Srivastava, the owner.

The pasties have also been popular with tourists.

“They bring food from India to us,” said Gyanesh Mishra, a tourist from Mumbai who stopped by the shop to buy some pastries.

The shop has been closed for about a year and its shelves are empty.

But in a city that has long been known for its fine pastries, a simple pasty is popular.

“It is good to make a little money for the store.

They are easy to make and the ingredients are available,” said Srivaskar, who sells the pasties to a large range of customers.