Why Facebook isn’t selling Dirt Bike Wheels

Facebook’s decision to stop selling Dirt bikes and other street-legal bikes at its store in downtown Seattle seems to be the start of a trend of the social network’s stores selling the bikes for more than $600 on Craigslist.

The company is also offering them for free on Craigslist, the same service that it’s using to sell its cars.

Facebook has not responded to a request for comment.

Facebook’s new policy came as it announced it had reached a deal with two Seattle-based companies to build a parking lot on the street where it would open the new store.

The deal would make it possible for the social networking site to sell dirt bikes, street-bikes, street lights, and other dirt bikes for $5 each on the site, according to a press release.

The city of Seattle has already been testing out its new program.

The move comes after Facebook bought a controlling stake in the Seattle-area car rental company, Zipcar, for $500 million.

Facebook is trying to get its stores to attract a new generation of users, and it is hoping the new car rental business can provide an outlet for the company’s increasingly valuable advertising.

Facebook bought Zipcar in 2016 for $2 billion, but the deal was marred by allegations that it discriminated against people of color.

The new car leasing company, Car2Go, is an all-electric service that has also struggled to attract users.

The Seattle-centric car rental store has had some success.

In July, it announced that it had sold 2,100 cars in the first three months of 2017.

Car2go said it is now adding 100 new vehicles every week.

The number of new car rentals dropped to about 100 cars a week from 200 cars a day earlier.

“We are excited to offer our customers the option to rent cars for $1.99 a mile,” Car2GO’s general manager for the Seattle area, Matt McBride, told Bloomberg News in July.

Facebook says it’s also selling a new model of bike rack in the new Seattle location, and that it plans to add more new bikes to the store.

Facebook didn’t disclose how much the new bike rack will cost.

Facebook recently announced plans to build an entire city park on the corner of Eastlake Street and Pine Street in the West Seattle neighborhood.

The car rental outlet is scheduled to open in the fall, according the Seattle Department of Transportation.