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The new game looks like a new adventure, as you’re thrust into the middle of a strange and intriguing world.

Your character’s named “Jack” and you’re tasked with the job of tracking down a mysterious woman and her mysterious pet, the sea turtle.

As the game progresses, you’ll unlock more and more of the island’s mysteries.

In this first, short story, Jack and his pals must uncover the truth behind a series of bizarre murders, while also attempting to rescue a young girl who’s been missing for over a year.

The world looks a bit different than the one we’ve played before.

It’s lush and colorful, with colorful sea shells, exotic trees, and other objects to explore.

Jack’s character, an older man named “John”, spends his time collecting things from various places on the island, and the world itself is full of colorful creatures.

The island is populated by different species of animals and plants, ranging from the sea to the trees.

There are also strange creatures called “krakens” who wander the island at night.

Jack and his friends are forced to make a decision, though: Will they go after the Krakens and save the girl or will they go to the Kraken Island, a place they’ve been searching for?

Jack and the other adventurers must solve the mystery before it’s too late, or risk becoming the last living Kraken.

In an interview with Polygon , developer Polygon Studios executive producer Jason West confirmed that the game’s story and gameplay will be completely different than its predecessors.

“We’re not going to follow a linear story.

We’re going to explore the whole island.

We’ll be exploring a whole new story that’s completely different from any other adventure game in the series,” West said.”

It’s going to be a completely different experience and that’s what makes it such a different game than any other game in its series.”

The first game, released in 2007, also took place in a “flat world,” a setting that’s much more linear in its progression.

Polygon also confirmed that its game’s characters will be entirely human, and they’ll be able to talk to each other.

While you can’t directly interact with the world in the first game (which features a handful of puzzles and puzzle-solving), it does have a number of interactive features.

You can walk around the island and interact with objects, such as trees, by clicking on them.

The game’s sound will also play when the environment’s moving or the sun is shining, and you can use the environment to your advantage.

The game is currently in pre-alpha, so the final game will not be released until sometime in 2020.

If it does get released, it will likely be at a later date, like the first title.