When you buy an Apple Watch, you can now buy a ‘donut shop’ to buy them in-store.

Donuts have been a staple in the Apple Watch’s menu for years, but Apple has decided to introduce a store for them in their stores.

The first store opened in October and the store is called “The Donut Shop”.

The store itself features a big menu with a variety of items, and the shop itself is a huge, bright red room with large white tables, so you can sit at the front and enjoy your donuts.

You can also buy some Apple Watch apps from the app store, and there are apps available for iPhone and iPad.

We also got a few samples of the Apple watch apps.

Apple Watch app Sample app The Apple Watch uses a new kind of sensor, called the Digital Crown, which has a new form factor, the Digital Smart Watch.

It’s the first time that Apple has introduced this technology, which allows the watch to be worn as a standalone device.

This new design has many features, including a sensor that can read the heart rate and pressure, and a screen that’s much larger than the one on the Apple Watches most popular watches.

The digital crown and the digital smart watch are both new, and have many of the same capabilities.

The watch is also powered by a battery that lasts up to 20 hours, and Apple has made it so that it can be used for longer periods of time.

The Apple Watch is also a smartwatch, and it’s possible to use the watch as a phone, and also to make calls using the new iPhone and Apple Watch software.

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