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Posted September 04, 2018 09:21:51 In an era of digital, digital commerce and mobile, the NFL’s barbershops have always been a bit of a mystery.

They have been a staple of the NFL landscape, but few know the names of the owners, the locations and the owners’ personal habits.

Here’s what you need to know about some of the most iconic and influential barbers in the NFL.


NFL barber shop owner and current Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, is a huge Cowboys fan and fan of the Cowboys.

He also has a very personal connection to the franchise.

The Cowboys are a fan favorite, so Jones and the rest of the Dallas Cowboys owner’s family have been around the NFL since before it was a professional sport.

Jones, who also owns the Dallas Mavericks, has been an NFL owner since 1995 and is the longest-tenured owner of a team in the league.

In the past two years, Jones has been one of the more active owners of NFL teams and franchises.

He owns the New Orleans Saints, Dallas Cowboys and Kansas City Chiefs.

He has been involved in various other endeavors and has made it clear that he has a long-term interest in the game of football.

“Jerry is a fan of our franchise, the Dallas Stars, and has been for a very long time,” said Cowboys owner Dan Rooney, a lifelong Cowboys fan.

A former owner of the New England Patriots, Jones is a strong supporter of the team’s ownership.

He has been in Dallas since 2005 and has owned the franchise for 14 seasons.

Rooney and Jones have worked closely on a number of issues and have also spoken on the topic of social responsibility and the need for the league to have a better social agenda.


Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is the first player to ever be drafted by a team that has an owner who was born in a different country.

Dallas Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones has always been an avid Cowboys fan, but the Cowboys’ relationship with Prescott has grown more intense in recent years.

Jones said that Prescott’s draft status has made the team “really close.”

“The relationship between Dak and Jerry is so much more than just a football relationship,” Rooney said.

“It’s also about a family relationship.”

Jones has been a vocal supporter of Prescott throughout his career and has called the young quarterback “the best quarterback in the country” at times.

Prescott has been part of the franchise since the age of 12 and has played in the Pro Bowl five times in his career.

Prescott is also a member of the Super Bowl Champion Dallas Cowboys.


Former Patriots offensive lineman Chris Long is a longtime fan of both the Cowboys and the New York Giants.

He is currently the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers.

Long and the Giants have a strong connection with New England, which was also a part of Long’s family.

Long was the Patriots’ offensive line coach from 2000-2006.

Long went to the NFL in 2003 and went on to coach the Patriots in 2012 and 2017.


NFL general manager Kevin Colbert, who is also an owner of both teams, has also been a major supporter of both franchises.

The Chargers, Patriots and Saints have all had their owner/coach Kevin Colbert in the fold.

Colbert, an offensive lineman, was a part-owner of the Kansas City Raiders in 2004.


The New England Patriot team is one of three teams in the Super-Bowl era to have been named to a major league postseason.

The Patriots have won three Super Bowls and have won five Super Bowl titles in their history.

New England Patriots owner Jim Irsay is known for his philanthropic efforts and has donated over $1 billion to charity in his five-decade career as the owner of multiple teams.

Irsay also is a major philanthropist, donating $50 million to the New Jersey Turnpike Trust and the United Way.


The Dallas Cowboys are also the team that most closely resembles the Newell’s Oldsmobile dynasty of the 1950s and ’60s.

Newell Ford was the team owner from 1950-1956.

Ford was a founding member of both Ford Motor Co. and the Dallas Texans.

His wife, Jean, was an owner in the 1920s and is considered the father of the modern-day dynasty.

After her death, her son, Bill, ran the team until his death in 2001.

His father was the owner, but Bill’s wife, Susan, was the head of the business.

Bill Ford’s son, Scott, runs the Dallas franchise and has taken ownership of the Bills, Buccaneers and Patriots.

He and his wife are also a significant part of Dallas’s charitable efforts.


The Pittsburgh Steelers are the only team in NFL history to win back-to-