Can I skateboard at the same time as my cheese shop?

With the rise of the dairy business, it’s become increasingly difficult to keep a hobby and a hobby only if it’s a dairy one.

“It’s a bit of a double-edged sword,” said Amanda Gillett, a member of the Halifax County Board of Trade.

“If it’s an activity that involves your family and your community, you have to take the extra time to do it.”

But that’s not always possible.

And with cheese shop closures around the country, it might not be a wise choice for most people.

If you’ve been planning on going to a cheese shop for years, you might be in for a surprise.

Cheese shop closures In 2015, the Halifax Regional Municipality issued a statement saying it would not renew licences to run cheese shops, citing an increased risk of contamination from bacteria in cheese.

It did, however, issue a letter to retailers reminding them of the regulations.

Since then, there have been several closures, according to the Halifax Chronicle.

In April, the owners of the Dairy Farm, a shop at the corner of Bathurst Street and Front Street, announced that they would be closing.

A statement from the business said it was taking a temporary hiatus, but that they will be open again at a later date.

In June, The Farm’s owner, Dan Macdonald, announced his retirement.

Macdonald was in the process of relocating to Toronto from his home in Dartmouth.

“I’m excited to be able to start a new life, and I think it’s great for my family and my friends,” he said in an interview with CBC News.

In July, the owner of The Farm, Joe GilleTT, announced he would be leaving the business.

Gilletti said the closure of his shop came after a year of negotiations with the city.

“We tried to find a way to continue doing business, and unfortunately we found out we couldn’t continue doing it,” he told CBC News in an email.

“The city and the municipality said that we couldn