New York Times’ Top 5 Best New York City Stores

New York, NY – The New York Yankees are one of the largest professional sports teams in the world, and one of its biggest sports fans.

As a result, they have many stores throughout the city, including one in the heart of Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

But if you were to go through the doors of any of the team’s stores, you would be greeted with a few surprises.

These are the best new retail stores in the area that have opened in the last year.

New York Magazine’s annual Top 50 list was created by compiling the most popular articles and lists published in magazines in the United States for the previous year.

Each year, these lists include a list of the top 100 stores in each state and the District of Columbia.

The Top 50 are ranked based on their sales growth, overall sales and overall number of new retail locations opened each year.

Below are the top five New York retail stores that have started their respective seasons, and what it means for the future of New York.

Top Five New York Retail Stores In 2018 New York’s five retail locations that opened in 2018 were: Bucks Shoes New York  (Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY)  1. 

Sears (New York, New York) 2. 

H&M (New Jersey, New Jersey) 3. 

Walgreens (Newark, New Hampshire) 4. 

Pawlenty’s (New York City, New England) 5. 

Bath & Body Works (Westchester, New Bedford, Massachusetts) The five New Yorkers that opened the most in 2018 are: Saks Fifth Avenue (New Orleans, Louisiana) 1 Drake (Washington, DC) 6 Macy’s  (Detroit, Michigan) 7 Brick & Mortar (Miami, Florida) 8 B&H (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) 9 Pops  (Atlanta, Georgia) 10 JCPenney (Los Angeles, California) 11 Hudson’s Bayou (San Francisco, California, United States) 12 CVS (Detroit, United Kingdom) 13 JCDecaux (Lincoln, Nebraska) 14 Kmart (Kansas City, Missouri) 15 Lacoste (Bridgewater, Florida, United State) 16 Kool-Aid (Chicago, Illinois) 17 Kohl’s   18 Lululemon (Houston, Texas) 19 Puma (St. Louis, Missouri, United America) 20 Krogans  21 Lace-Up (Dallas, Texas, United Arab Emirates) 22 Lumiere (Seattle, Washington) 23 Lemonade (Las Vegas, Nevada, United United States, Canada) 24 Lavender (Austin, Texas-United States) 25 Meadow Hill (Charlotte, North Carolina, United Stated) 26 Marriott (Orlando, Florida), 27 Ralph Lauren (Tampa, Florida). 

28 Red Lobster (Boston, Massachusetts), 29 Sarita (Salinas, California), 30 Starbucks (Fort Lauderdale, Florida); 31 Wendy’s   32 Budweiser (Ft.

Lauderdale, Fl). 

33 Covid-19 (Jacksonville, Florida; 34 Nestlé (Lakeland, Florida)). 

35 Hilton (Columbus, Ohio) 36 Powell’s 39 Papa John’s 41 Kia (Madison, Wisconsin) 42 Dollar Tree (Milwaukee, Wisconsin). 

43 Waffle House (Portland, Oregon) 44 Cheesecake Factory (Macon, Georgia). 

45 Kraft Foods (Lexington, Kentucky). 

46 Hooters (Raleigh, North Carolinians) 47 Loblaw (Toronto, Ontario, Canada). 

48 Chevron (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania). 

49 Benny’s 50 Pepsi  Top 5 New York Shopping Destinations This year, New Yorkers have been enjoying a wide variety of shopping experiences across New York and the United State.

The most popular destination for shopping in New York is New York Metropolitan area, which includes Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Manhattan, the Staten Island Ferry, and the Staten Creek.

The city’s shopping destinations have expanded in recent years, and New York has many unique shopping centers and shopping experiences, from the Upper West and East Village to the Midtown