Nordstrom has closed its online shop for the first time in three years

Nordstrom, the world’s largest department store chain, has closed online stores for the last three years, in a move that analysts believe is a result of a changing business climate.

The chain, which has operated in the US for decades, said Tuesday that it would start its own online store for its online store at the end of 2018.

It will also launch a new e-commerce business, which is expected to launch in the second quarter.

Nordstrom announced that it had closed its physical stores in September 2016.

The move comes amid a general downturn in the retail industry, with many retailers closing stores in the wake of the recent financial crisis and as the economy continues to shrink.

The decision is part of a broader shift by Nordstrom toward an online store model, which analysts say is more effective for the company than its physical shops.

Nordheimer analyst David Cripps said the company’s new online business could be a key to the company staying relevant in a changing retail landscape.

“Nordstrom is trying to be a new player,” Crippes said in a research note.

“But it is also a lot of work, and that’s why they have been trying to do it.

I think they are going to be successful.”

Nordemans online shop was not the first Nordstrom chain to shut down its online stores in recent years.

Macy’s shut down all its online outlets in 2016, but it also made it easier to order clothing online.

The company said at the time that it was a “temporary” move, but that many customers were still willing to order merchandise through its online channel.

Macy’s shuttered the online shop in November 2016, citing declining sales.

The store’s online shop remained open until last year.

The closure of Nordstrom’s online store is the latest in a series of moves by the company to focus more on e-retail, which it said would help it “maintain its leadership position in this rapidly evolving e-tailer market.”