Which bike shops are open this holiday season?

A Christmas tree shop is one of the more popular locations to shop for holiday decorations, but there are plenty of others in the city to shop too.

Here are the 10 best holiday tree shops in the Big Apple.


Mondo Santa Monica Mondo is a Santa Monica boutique that is a major drawcard for many visitors to the city.

Located on Santa Monica Boulevard and the famous Santa Monica Pier, the shop has over 100 Santa Monica trees and a huge selection of Christmas decorations.

Monda is known for its Christmas trees, which range from traditional to more whimsical and have an intricate pattern on the top.


The Tree Shop The Tree Shop, also known as the “Santa’s Tree,” is a classic Santa Monica tree shop.

The shop’s owner, James Grosz, is an avid tree enthusiast and decorated Santa Monica’s Christmas trees with Christmas lights in the past.


Santa Monica Christmas Tree Shop (Mondo) The Santa Monica Tree Shop is located in a trendy area of Santa Monica.

The Santa’s Tree Shop has over 200 Santa Monica Santa’s Trees on display in its main gallery.


Santa Maria Tree Shop Santa Maria is a popular holiday destination and is located near the Santa Monica Museum of Art.

Located just south of the Santa’s tree shop in Santa Monica, the Santa Maria Christmas Tree shop offers a great selection of Santa’s Christmas decorations, including Santa’s trees, Santa’s hats, and even Santa’s car.


Santa Marta Tree Shop Santa Marta is located on the east side of Santa Barbara.

The store is decorated in Santa Martas colors, which are decorated with Santa’s red and white stripes and red and yellow Santa hats.


Santa Catalina Tree Shop   Santa Catalinas Santa Catalinos Christmas tree, decorated in red and blue, is located just a few blocks from the Santa Martanas Christmas tree.


The Christmas Tree at The Big Box The Big Box is located at The Santa Barbara Pier and is the best place to shop Santa’s holiday decorations.

The shop is decorated with over 100 Christmas decorations and has a large display of Christmas gifts and Santa’s cars.


The Big Red Tree (Santa Martan) The Big Green Tree at the Santa Barbara pier is decorated and decorated with Christmas decorations in red, white, and blue.


Santa Rosita Tree Shop(Santa Martam) Santa Rosita is located right in the heart of Santa Martam.

The tree shop has Santa Rositas Santa Claus costumes, which have Santa’s heads in them.


Santa Rosa Tree ShopSanta Rosa is known as “The City of Trees,” and the Santa Rosa Christmas Tree is the most popular holiday tree in Santa Rosa.

Located a few minutes away from the famous Christmas Tree, Santa Rosa has over 70 Santa’s Santa’s Cars and Santa Rosa Santa Claus hats.