How to protect yourself from thieves in a city with a gun shop

The streets of Calgary are filled with gun shops.

Many of them are located within the city limits.

They are usually in the same locations as gun shops in Toronto and Vancouver, where gun owners have been known to sell their weapons.

But for those who live in Calgary, they’re a bit different.

They’re often found in the city’s east end, close to the Calgary Stampede.

“It’s definitely a bit safer than in Toronto or Vancouver, but not a lot safer,” said Kristin Hildebrandt, who lives in a downtown condo building and owns a gun range.

“It’s kind of a safety net, so it’s not that big of a concern.”

Hildebrandts husband, John, owns an auto body shop and also sells guns at gun shops and online.

He said that’s a safer place to shop than the inner city.

“The people who are shooting in those locations are generally very good guys and they are trying to do their job,” said John.

“We’re a gun store and we have gun safes and gun safeties.”

The City of Calgary says it’s aware of gun shops within its borders, and it’s investigating a complaint about a man who allegedly tried to buy a gun at a gun-shop.

“There’s no reason to believe the owner of the business was selling guns to someone else,” said Calgary police spokesperson Const.

Sean Pattenden.

“However, we’re working with our firearms industry partners to make sure they’re safe and we’ll continue to work with them.”

Hillebrandts experience with gun dealers in the west end is one of the reasons she thinks gun shops are safe.

“We live close to a lot of people who have guns, so there’s no one that’s out there who’s going to try and steal your guns,” said Hillebrandt.

“If they come into our store, they’ll be in our store.”