When you need to be skateboarding with your family and friends, this shop has it covered

Shop for skateboards and other accessories at the skate shop owned by mom-and-pop mom-turned-businesswoman, Kim Smith.

She says it’s all about helping the kids, because the skateboard community has been doing so well.

“We are really proud of what we are doing, and that’s the kids and families out there,” she says.

Smith started out as a hobby when she was in high school.

Her mother started the skateboarding club that became the sisterhood of the skatepark.

It was an instant hit and the skate park now has nearly 200 members, all of whom have kids under 10.

It’s become a community hub for kids who love to skate.

“A lot of the kids we’ve met have gone on to get jobs,” Smith says.

“They have careers.

They have families.”

Smith says she and her husband, Chris, have been in business since 2011.

They’re the owners of a shop on the same block where the skateparks now are.

Chris Smith, right, and Kim Smith, center, shop for skates at their skate shop.

(Photo: Courtesy of Kim Smith)Kim Smith says she hopes to become a mom to her kids someday.

But for now, she’s here to help out the skate community.

“I have to make sure that our kids have everything they need to get through their school years,” she explains.

“I’m the mom, and my kids are the adults, and it’s about making sure that they’re getting the best education that they can.”

Smith hopes that the kids in her shop will have some fun and make friends along the way.

“When you’re a mom, you need help with your kids,” she tells us.

“You need to do whatever you can to help them succeed.”

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