How to Get Rid of Capriotti in your Kitchen

A new invention has turned your fridge into a sandwich shop. 

Capriotta’s, which is located in the same building as a subway station, is a sandwich machine with a removable chop-stick that can transform a wide variety of foods into sandwiches. 

The restaurant is a $5 million operation, with a $1 million donation from a local business owner. 

The machine was built in 2011, but it took some time to get the product into the market. 

Capriotta launched the machine in 2014, and it’s been on a rapid growth trajectory. 

In the first two weeks of the year, Capriotas sandwich shop sold 1,400 sandwiches.

It’s not clear how many people use the machine.

In an interview with ABC News, a Caprioto’s employee who goes by Lion said that people are using the machine for sandwiches as well as other dishes.

“It’s really fun to have people come in and pick up a box and come home with a sandwich,” he said.

“The sandwiches are really good.

It’s really cool.”

The company said the sandwiches can be prepared at home, or at a restaurant.

The sandwich shop also offers a variety of other sandwich-related services, such as ordering a bag of chips, ordering a pizza, and taking a walk through the shop.

Lion has a different take on the machine, however.

 “We make sandwiches on a regular basis, and then when you come in, you can see our machines that we have installed, we have these big, huge machines,” he told ABC News.

A customer takes a bite of a Caprizotta’s sandwich.

(Photo: Caprioti’s)”So, that’s what we do for people.

It kind of gets you hooked.

It gives you that feeling that you’re in a place, a real home, and the sandwich is your favorite.”

The machines are sold for $5.99 a sandwich, but Lion says the cost will go down if the restaurant gets more popular.

There are other other vending machines in the building, but Capriottas is the first restaurant to have a fully functional machine.