Which pet shops in my area are best for my pet?

I recently bought a little cat from a local pet shop for $50.

I thought it was a great deal, but I was surprised to learn that the cat was very ill.

The cat was only six weeks old, but was already very malnourished and had a terrible skin condition.

He had fleas and worms, as well as a severe ear infection and an infected ear canal.

When I found out that the kitten was very sick, I was devastated.

When you find out that your pet has a severe medical condition, the only thing you can do is do whatever you can to get the best care for the kitten.

I couldn’t help but be frustrated, so I called the local pet store and spoke with the owner.

She gave me a call number that I could call to see if I could come in and see her.

When she answered the phone, I immediately felt a strong sense of sadness and disappointment.

The kitten’s health was such a disappointment to her, she had to go to a local veterinary clinic to get tested.

I felt that I needed to help out, so the next day I went into the veterinary clinic and went to get my kitten tested.

The vet was very kind and took him home immediately, and the results came back positive for the bacteria and the ear infection.

It was such an amazing feeling to be so blessed by the vet and be able to get a clean bill of health for the little guy.

Now I’m thankful for the vet’s work, and I know that I can make the same difference with my little cat.

What to do if you find a pet shop that isn’t treating your pet well