Is there a place in Sydney’s CBD where you can get a ‘banana sandwich’?

A banana sandwich at Capriotti Pizza in Sydney is a must-have, as is a pint of milk at Baskin and Co. But if you’re on a budget, then you can also take advantage of a free, low-cost taxi service.

The taxi service is available from 6pm every night from 6.30am to 10.30pm.

It will take you to places like the corner of North Bank and North Bridge, the corner opposite the Portobello Street Metro station, and from the CBD to nearby areas.

Drivers will be provided with a map of the area so they can know where to park, and they will take people from nearby locations.

“It’s a great way to get around, it’s just a little bit more expensive, but it’s really worth it,” taxi driver James Crouch told ABC News.

You can book online or by phone.

For more information about the service, call 1300 222 000.

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