How to find the best beachcomber in Melbourne’s Gold Coast

Find a surf shop, beachcombing company or surfboard rental company that offers a good deal on a surfboard.

They might be in Melbourne or Melbourne’s east coast, but you can always find them in the Gold Coast.

If you’re in the north of Melbourne, you’re looking for surfboard rentals and surfboard companies in Northbridge.

If you’re near Melbourne CBD or on the south coast, you’ll want to go to the Goldfields.

If your favourite surf spot is in the central Gold Coast, head to the Sunshine Coast and you can find them there too.

If the Gold is too expensive for you, you can also look for rental sites near Gold Coast beaches, including Goldfields beachfront, Goldfields Point, Gold Fields Beach and Goldfields Harbour.

The Gold Coast is home to a number of beachcombers and surfing destinations, including the popular Goldfields Surf Beach and Surfers Paradise beach.

If your surf spot in Melbourne is a little too expensive, you might be able to find rental sites nearby.

Here’s a look at the best surf spots in Melbourne and other coastal cities, including some popular beaches in the state:You can also find local surfers who can help you book a spot, including local surfboard company members, locals, locals with a surf club, surfboard clubs, surf shop operators, surf rental companies, local surfboards, surf surf rental agencies and surf shop staff.

You might also want to check out our Surf Guide for more information on what you should do if you’re not quite sure what to do at the beach.