Why is Trump calling for a “full-scale military attack on Syria?”

After his meeting with President Bashar al-Assad last week, Trump said in a tweet: “The only way to stop this horror is to attack Syria.”

In a follow-up tweet, he said: “I will soon be announcing my plans for a ‘full-on military attack’ on Syria.

This is why I’ve ordered our air forces to ‘pursue and destroy’ these terrorists.

The only way we can stop this massacre of innocent civilians is to target Assad.”

Trump also tweeted in early April: “If elected president, I will be consulting with Congress and our allies to put pressure on the Assad regime to stop the slaughter of innocent people.

The U.S. must lead the way in defeating ISIS, and the international community must follow suit.

We must destroy ISIS militarily.”

Last week, the White House said that Trump was “looking into” a “comprehensive military response to the brutal murder of innocent Syrian civilians.”

The Washington Post reported Monday that Trump has directed his administration to begin a “major review” of U.N. resolutions and other U.K. and European pressure efforts to pressure Assad to end the conflict.

Trump’s “commission on Syria” has been the target of criticism by Republicans, including House Speaker Paul Ryan, who called for an end to the “unnecessary U.n. intervention” in the crisis.

The White House has also defended the military response as being in the national interest, and said it will continue to pursue a military response despite Trump’s tweets.