The best places to buy cheap beer in Perth

Posted April 29, 2018 02:06:17 It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 10 years since the launch of the West Australian Beer and Wine Festival, and there’s still no shortage of people wanting to celebrate Perth’s annual beer-and-wine festival.

While there’s been no shortage in Perth of bars offering a selection of beer and wine for a variety of price ranges, the city’s bars have all been struggling to find the right beer to fill the bill.

While the craft beer scene is slowly but surely picking up steam in Perth, beer drinkers are still struggling to make ends meet.

So what do the beer lovers of Perth have to offer?

Beer enthusiasts at a glance: The West Australian beer and craft beer festivals are in the process of relaunching in 2018 after almost 10 months of closure.

While it’s true that there have been some major changes to the beer scene in Perth over the past decade, there are still plenty of bars that offer the most affordable beer available in the state.

Here are the best bars to go to in Perth to buy beer and cider for the first time.

The beer industry is in the spotlight in Perth as beer drinkers struggle to make a living.

In 2014, beer sales in WA were the highest in the nation, and beer festivals have been one of the biggest drawcards for visitors.

This year, it’s no different as beer sales have risen and the festival season is still in full swing.

A few bars in Perth are selling craft beer, but not all of them are offering it for cheap.

There’s plenty of beer options for everyone, and these pubs have the best beer prices in the city for those who can’t afford the high prices of a festival.

Bathurst Brewing Company and The Brew Pub offer up some of the best prices in Perth for a selection with more than 20 different beers, as well as a large selection of beers from local breweries.

Located at the top of the Riverbank in the Perth CBD, The Brewpub offers a wide selection of craft beer and beer-focused cocktails.

The pub is a great place to sit and relax, as they offer a large outdoor patio for drinking.

On the other side of the CBD, Bendigo Brewing Co. and The House of Beer are two of Perth’s most popular craft beer bars, and offer a selection for people looking for something a little more affordable.

At the bottom of the city, The Bar and Grill offers a range of beers and wine at a fair price.

Preston Bar and Brewery is located on the western edge of Perth.

While some of their beers can only be found at festivals, their beer taps have been open for many years and you can get some great deals on their beers and ciders for those that want to try something different.

For those looking for a different beer experience, there’s always The Tangerine Brewery, located in the heart of Perth and offering a range on their award-winning IPA.

If you want a great selection of brews for a few bucks, there is always The Bottle Shop, which offers a selection that can get you a little thirsty.

It’s a safe bet that you’re not going to be disappointed when you go to a beer bar, as there are plenty of options for all types of beer drinkers.

Do you have any recommendations for beer bars in the WA Capital Region?

Leave your suggestions in the comments section below and we’ll update the list.

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