Hacker News: PLC is planning to expand in Europe

Hacker News is reporting that the German-based company PC-Pro is looking to expand into Europe.

According to the article, PC-pro is currently looking to invest up to $1.3 million in Europe, including up to 20 employees.

According the article PC-PRO was founded in 2015.

The article also says that PC-s has a partnership with a number of top brands in the field of manufacturing automation, including the famous Philips Hue lights, as well as others like Evernote, Zapier, and the recently announced Amazon Alexa.

According to the PC-p shop, the expansion will be made possible through the company’s new online store, which is already available in a number US states.

In addition, PCP will be looking to add more products and expand into other markets.

As for the new headquarters, PCPro says that the new location will be located in the old Philips factory, located in Munich, Germany.

According PC-sports, the new facility will feature a new manufacturing facility, which will be the first to be built at the company since it bought out Philips in 2016.