Why car body shops are killing themselves in the US

The business of selling body parts is an ugly business.

You have to be a professional, be in the industry, and then it is a business that can be very profitable, but also a painful business for people.

And yet, this business has become so entrenched that many people have stopped buying body parts.

The body-parts industry is so intertwined with our economy that people have lost their faith in the business.

The industry is too powerful.

If you look at the body-part industry today, the biggest problem we have is not a lack of demand, but rather a lack to fill orders.

The people who are making money are getting paid a lot of money and the industry is not really focused on the people who actually do the work.

The problem with the body shops is that they have a monopoly on the body parts market, and they don’t really want to work for people anymore.

They want to make a quick buck.

The companies that are trying to survive, the big-box stores, have lost a lot.

So, we need to get out of the body shop business.

They are going to get really big.

If we can get out, we can go to the next level, because the industry needs to move in a new direction.

That is going to be really good for the body stores and for the country.

We want to see people have confidence again.

We are all in this together.

That has to be our goal.

We have to get back to making products and getting people back to work.